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4 years have passed, part 3

 I have good news for you, girls and boys, my health condition in recent years has stabilized so much that I decided to look for work again. Yes, yes, I go back to work, again to the front end development. What's the point? Because I can, because I can again!

What is the point then in writing in this part of blog if it does not have an audience? Well, answer is quite simple, because I will have to show something to the employer and develop trust. The Hapibai project is a wonderful project in terms of front-end and data science. This is a wonderful project in terms of internal growth and development. And for audience, it is just  a matter of time. I can buy ads, I can tweak YouTube, write articles, it's just a matter of money.

And here is the last video at the time of 2020. Walk for 1 km. It has took about 1 hour. The road is uneven, gravel, village. It is also extremely difficult for me to maintain balance when implementing complex movements of the hips. Why? This is a good question and debates on it are underway and probably will continue for more than one millennium. If you, my dear readers, have a desire to understand this, then you should look in the theory of GMFCS.

4 years have passed, part 2

Somewhere in 2014 I quit my job as a programmer and began to invest all my free time in a project on neurogenesis and solution for SPMS. In those years, I faced a number of problems - I was crawling, I had paresis in my right hand, and I was also extremely frightened by negative dynamics of my MS development. If I had to go somewhere on the street, go up / down the stairs, my father often dragged me around on his neck. I clung to him, hung on him and he dragged me around. All other times i used a wheelchair.

I worked without an employment contract, one might say I was a freelancer, sometimes it was good, but sometimes it was bad. So, for example, I was not able to receive unemployment benefits after being fired. And there also was no sense in staying at work, even if I had signed an employment contract and worked for another half a year, expecting that I could then apply for unemployment benefits. Because in this situation, only a cemetery and a coffin would await me.

Video above is August 24, 2020. It has became noticeable that my gait became even stronger, that MS not only failed to grab a piece of my legs over the past year, but he also weakened a little. Why? How ? The question is extremely interesting.

4 years have passed, part 1

Hello everyone. It has been 4 years since my last article in the English variation of this blog. This is largely due to the fact that there are not so many people who look into this part. Therefore, there was no point in trying to develop this part of the blog. No audience. But nevertheless, yes. Over past years, so many events have happened in my life, but first things first.

Startup with the challenge - cure for SPMS, i haven't given up it.  In fact, the project continues to move and this is largely due to my stubbornness, thanks to the fact that I managed to find some keys to the problem in my childhood.

The result after the 1-st year of applying the 4.0.

As I promised earlier you’ll find here  the results of recovery conception which I have been applying for one year and which is called 4.0. But in the first place, you have to take into consideration the fact that recovery is undergoing when I have a very dangerous wide-spread chronicle autoimmune disease – multiple sclerosis.  This disease turns a healthy person into a wheelchair user during 10 years, and it kills him completely over the course of 35 years (in most of the cases). And I’m not talking only about damage of motor functions. Multiple sclerosis can destroy absolutely any function which is controlled by brain – feelings, memory, eye sight, reflexes, absolutely anything. Please bear in mind that I haven’t been taking ANY medicine since the beginning of the challenge, and I’d say even more – there isn’t any medicine which aims at remyelination or neuron growth. As a result, recovery from constant MS symptoms is impossible because of disability accumulation. I understand perfectly that there is a range of drugs to slow down the development of MS – DMD’s, alemtuzumab, and a couple of medical procedures such as HSCT (Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) and a high dose chemo therapy. However, I consider all the procedures highly risky and excessive. I’m not going to convince anybody in anything. Watch, read, study and decide on your own.

The end of the 12th month.

Hello, everybody! It’s already February. One year ago I made a decision to start this challenge and check whether I would be able to get out of my wheelchair. I decided to find out if it’s possible to recover pelvis and knee functions and return freedom of moves to my body. On the one hand, the challenge seems to be ridiculous and even crazy a bit. But, you can’t even imagine how many interesting cases of neuroregeneration and CNS recovery I can explain according to my theory which I have developed. It’s silly to run ahead a train (or a locomotive as we say in Russian), but I can’t just stand and keep silence either. And I’m not going to.

The partial analysis of what has been happening to me since last February can be found above, in the next article. As for now, here it is – the 12th month.

Сerebellar injury, multiple sclerosis and how to deal with it, the end of 11th month

Hello again to all of you! Accept my congrats on winter holidays - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, my dear readers and subscribers. You will find the results of the 11th month in the video. My comments on this is below the video.

05 december 2016, multiple sclerosis, another month is over

Hello to everyone. Winter has сome as always unnoticeably. And I turned 29. Life flies very fast, I remember a great deal of moments from my childhood as it happened yesterday. One of my first memories – a tricycle, autumn, rainy weather.😎 The people come out of the entryway, the bike gets stuck in the crooked pavement made off-hand. Here’s the first class, the first problems. They felt funny for the first time. My legs spasmed during a PE lesson, but the effect disappeared very quickly.

Whatever. I don’t care, I have 70 years ahead of me. What’s the point in regretting the past? Let’s have a look at what is waiting for me in the future. So, here’s the video:

As always, I’ve decided to share with you some of my thoughts about what’s going on.